I counted on them, to the point where my heart was on my sleeves. Until the very time where, I just wanted to rip them to pieces. I try to be something great, but I end up being turning down. I want to be something I can be something else. Why did you bitches break me.

I end up finding myself, in my closest, a small blade in hand. Until I need it the most. I come back to see ya smiling faces. But only disgust in return. Ya cunts and bastards make me sick. Where I just want to cut ya up more then myself. I want to be something great. Not a wack-job ya’ll think I am.

There’s not one moment where I think, ya guys are the bad ones. Your not open minded. You believe in only one path. Ya trash talk about others when it should ya. I want no part in anything where some shit…doesn’t happen. If you think that’s true. Ya no more of one-mind bitch yourself.

Years are slowly tracking by. No ones going to make a change. “Crimes” will only grow more and more–but that’s because ya won’t say anything. That closed door is the only thing keeping me apart from you and away from the real world.

I that nice blade, sparkles and yearns to be used. When I do, ya’ll be at the other end. I stand afar, waiting and waiting. When ya are all talking about the greats of lives and not knowing what’s around you. In that little bubble of yours. Ya bitches make me sick, I vomit blood when I look yo’ way.

My world is dark but true, yours is bright with sunshine and is in faults. You must know what is real and what is not. Nothing can be sealed away. All must be open or no one will be cheerful. Take the bull by the horns and god-damn it make some burgers. No one is safe from the truth.

And yo’ can take that to the bank. And mail with a big stamp of reality. Because guess what? That’s what this world is. Reality! No ones goes without being heard of. Be ready for that knife in the back, ’cause yo’ nothing but a traitor.

Yo’ nothing but ungrateful friends who won’t open up ya’ minds. Damn it, people. Wake up or go back to that rock of yours. Because the world is not going to take ya’ll shit. Now or never!

The End.

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