When I was young,

I didn’t know what I was.

To my mum: I was her little charmer.

To daddy: I was his little gem.

To my older eight siblings: I was the baby who needed to protected from the outside world.

To my few friends: coolest person they ever knew.

But to me.

I was nothing but a freak!

I was no man that could smooth talk any lady I wanted,

or anything near a girl who could had any man waiting me hand and foot.

I was just a gray spot in a sea of black and white.

I had so much to hide, but I didn’t want to.

This goes was all the way back when I was just a tot,

not knowing or caring about the future or anything of life.

Just to live in the moment and have fun.

During the busy times,

I was alone.

Mum and daddy were always overseas or in the next city.

When school time came around,

I stayed home and tutored at home.

My siblings away in a far away place,

where they learned and made friends all at the same time.

I didn’t like being alone.

To point I destroyed my marvelous family.

I still don’t look at them the same way,

or ever go to dinner with them anymore.

For awhile,

my door had always someone knocking at it.

I came back with them to just I say the one thing I wanted.

To live a normal life.

Nothing easy for a hermaphrodite to tell anyone.

Even if its family.

Another summer past that year,

before I knew it.

I was in same school as my siblings before them.

The only best part for me,

is that no one knew I was their youngest sibling.

No one thought of me as the fifth brother of the next sport champion,

or the fifth girl to be prom queen or something.

I was me and no one would break that.

Well until I meet first “friend”.

He was a jock-head,

but took every thing in mind.

But he had his own problems.

He had to “act” for his friends,

no matter who he hurt.

We weren’t on good terms,

at first.

We kind of grew on each other,

like a illness.

But we did saved each other at sometimes.

Even if we didn’t need it and only end up hating each other more.

Another sport team gang up on him from another school.

That was the day he found out who I was,

when they tried to gang rape me.

He broke loose and helped me,

and in return he didn’t tell anyone who I really was.

We kept that night to are selves, to this day.

Even though we acted like girls who have a crush on the same guy,

to what my sisters told me once.

Hearing my brothers call me a girly man,

was not making me feel any better.

Until someone came knocking at home.

Someone brought me flowers and a sorry note.

He was sorry about calling me mess-up freak,



or something along those lines.

We made up,

in the most mannish way.

I still laugh about it.

We didn’t fight that much after that,

we got along for awhile.

Even after some bastards from a nearby school tried to beat me up,

he was there and kick the shit out of them.

My siblings still didn’t trust him at first but my daddy and mum like him a lot more then before.

Not long,

graduation was coming around the corner,

I made this far in life.

I can do anything.

Until a cross firing happen when I was hanging around when my pals.

I took a shot for a person who hated me at the beginning of time.

I was in the hospital for some time.

My family going up and down the walls,

friends either cared to much or not at all.

Jock-head was no where in site for about three months.

I found out later,

he was in jail for assaulting on school property.

He fought for me. A freak.

I should be happy for that,

or worry that he might be in big trouble.

He got off with a warning.

But who knew how long that would last.

So I found me keeping an eye on him,

and our lives has never been better.

Despite everything that we went through together.

It was a feeling we had never notice before.


and maybe one of the sweatiest/weirdest one I have ever seen grow like this.

The End.

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