Now this wouldn’t be a poem or so,
As to say of what is going to be said,
To out of blue,
Someone as in you . . .

And what I want to ask,
Is where you’ll be at if you followed this . . .

First move two steps away from reading this.

Take five steps left,
Three steps right,
Seven back.

Spin twice,
Walk the steps forward of your favorite color letters,
Then back of the least,
Say a close friend’s name,
Walk their name sideways,
Spin again,
Please only do it the once . . .

Speak of a person,
You can’t stand,
Real or not,
To vine walk there name backwards,
Be careful not to fall,
For if you do,
It only means they know . . .

Skip forward twice,
Snake to the side,
Until you have counted to ten,
The soft telltale lyrics of Spanish . . .

Stand straight back up,
Jump back,
Slide to the left,
Count to three when done.

One more final spin,
While singing the first two lines,
Of a song you loved,
Eyes closed,
Please little ones,
Take a step forward,
And open your eyes.

What is there before you?

Whatever it is,
In some form or another,
It reflects something of you,
As well of the future that the path you took.

Take that in,
Be it weird or not.

As I done this before,
Telling you to do the same,
For I have ended up in a place,
That feels very promising.

Let me know,
Leave it as it is,
And think nothing less of it.

Goodbye for now,
Then soon return with something,

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