We all know that is this day is something everyone likes and dislikes, which is why I ask those who go over the moon for this day and those who . . . stay home, turn off the lights, and watch horror movies.

To start out, let see what the responses were from those who are head-over-heels for this day.

L is for the Likeable to give to others, knowing they hold a place in our hearts.

O is for that One person, who makes you go and back from the moon for them.

V is how this day is a Victory to some, having won the hearts of their lone love in one day.

E is how Everyone will stop and do whatever they can to be gathered in that red gust.

Okay, so seeing the sum up words of those who like this day have spoken. Let us move onto those who find this day . . . the shiftiest day known to mankind, if you will.

L is how everyone is a Lazy gut, when they think love can only go to one person, when there are many others who care for you just the same, just less touchy-feely.

O is how everything is Overblown to hand out the best gift, when really the best comes from the heart, not objects.

V goes for how everyone who doesn’t have a one love is soon to be called a Victim of some kind for not going the extra mile to look like a fool.

E is that Everyone near your heart is a special one, there is no to single out anyone, if all you want and what others want is happiness.

And with that, from those who gave their thoughts of this day, Happy Heart Day to you, to those who have read this as well. Anyone else who has no one true love, just smile, live the day like any other, and to the fullest if you can.

Bye for now everyone!

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