(Posted originally before the movie came out.)


I figured I might as well join in and Share my opinion on this.


When the anouncement was first made about this, I wasn’t very sure what to think, like most of the Bronies at the Time. Then the Images of the Mane 6 as humans came out and most Bronies either Ran & Hid under Rocks or they Screamed like Twilight in the Trailer.


Most people were quick to Judge. Most considered this to be a horrible idea and wanted to Ignore it completely stating that the writers didn’t know what they were Doing.

Reminds me of what some people thought of a Certian Season Finale.




And then it became a Spin Off Film and when the Trailer came out, The Sh*t Storm Grew Larger. People ACTUALLY STARTED SENDING DEATH THREATS TO THE CAST & CREW and some of them are considering leaving the show.


Personally, After I Saw the Trailer, I thought it looked GOOD. I decided that I’m going to see it with a bunch of my Brony Friends when it comes out.

One of my main reactions for the hate was similar to this:

Character Designs I thought it was interesting that everyone in the human world is Multi-colored. Reminds me alot of the Show Doug.

Spike as a Dog I don’t really care about that. They could have made him a Duck & It still wouldn’t have upset me.

Plot I know it looks like a High School Drama but Maybe it’ll be good.



So People say he looks like Shining Armor…I Don’t see it. I think he looks more like A humanized Comet Tail.

It doesn’t bug me that Twilight might have a BF in it. Besides, If Shining Armor was in this, He Probably would be in College or have a Job.




Most Bronies are treating this like its A Type of Cancer! It’s Extremely Premature and I think you should at least give it a look before you judge it.

I’m doing the same thing with Terrence Malick. I’m watching his films before I actually can saw anything about him & his work.


If you have some doubts about the whole thing, I ask you to consider a few things:


1. It’s Intended Audience is Little Girls. It wasn’t made ONLY for Adults.


2. Alot of Bronies wanted an MLP:FiM Movie. And now that we get one, you complain.


3. It’s A Spin Off. It mostly likely will not be Canon with Season 4.


4. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!!! This is the One Thing everyone did & is doing with the film right now. Yes, It looks like a Teenage High School Drama film but Maybe it will be like a John Hughes film (Except with Ponies)


Overall – It Looks Good. I’m going to see it June 22th with a bunch of my Brony Friends. I’ll post a review/My Thoughts on the Film a few days later.

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