Undying Love

A long time ago.
There was a man,
With a magic wand.
He could cast any,
Spell in a blink,
Of an eye.
But there was one,
Spell he could,
Never chant.
The spell of,
Knowing that it,
Only made his,
Heart cold as ice.
With spells that,
Could make you,
Never age.
Only who could,
Love him,
Would be until,
It was the end for,
A thought no,
One dared wanted.
With foolish people,
like That.
It only made him,
More bitter and,
What could a man,
Like him every,
Fine love.
Not just any kind.
Ever lasting,
What could this man,
He waited and waited.
Praying for just the one,
Tiny life of love.
Time would move on.
But not him.
Sitting by the window.
Scooping all things,
That lived below him.
Hoping one would,
Glance to him.
Love at first sight,
As they called it.
A door bell ranged.

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