was very intrigued by this film the moment I saw the trailer for it mostly because you never really expect Disney to put out a Horror Film or even be a part of one. What also intrigued me was the fact they left it alone instead of trying to sue for Copyright infringement. I never got the chance to see it in theaters, but finally it came out on DVD recently and rented it. So, it’s time to decide if a Disney themed Horror Film is a good idea or a bad one.


The film tells of a man named Jim who is on vacation with his family at Walt Disney World. On the morning of the day he got fired, He goes to the Park for one finally day before heading home. However, this day is several different. While going on rides, he starts to Hallucinate and sees demonic visions throughout the course of the day while following a couple of French Girls that start to occupy his mind.

To be honest, based on the trailer, the film seems a bit misleading. After seeing the Trailer, I was expecting some kind of Mad Scientist Frankenstein-esque film along with some elements of Posession films like the Exorcist. Instead, what we get is a knock-off of Jacob’s Ladder mixed in with The Shining. It even threw in some elements from a Zombie movie with a diseas called Cat Flu. It was a bit disappointing for me because I’m a fan of Jacob’s Ladder but it wasn’t fully explored like the movie.

The acting in this was Mediocore at best. Jim and the kids were alright, Jim’s wife did bother me a couple of times, and there was a woman who randomly pops up in the film who seemed to overact her part a little bit. So there wasn’t anything very special in that department.

I know that Disney probably would have had some problems from the media if they actually were a part of the film. So the filmmakers actually censored parts in the film. Songs on many of the attractions were changed, a few products were black-bared, and when Jim sayed the Word “Disney” he was Censored while saying it. Plus this is the only disney related film where you’ll see a Sex scene as well as Nudity. (Except for one small bit in Fantasia.) Disney would most likely frown upon the idea of a bad image and someone getting away with it.

Well then again…there was also that scene in Exit Through the Gift Shop that happened a little while ago….

The film doesn’t really say anything about Disney World except that it’s big. The Trailer suggests that the park is evil and the workers and imagineers have created some kind of odd Manipulative attraction based park that will warp anyone to its will….Okay, most of that’s what I thought the film would be about. Anyways, the film doesn’t seem to make it out to be evil. All it tells us is the one thing we all know: They have lots of Lines and the lines are long.

One of the bigger things you’ll notice in the film is that it’s shot at Disneyland and Disney World. I saw this pretty much immediately since I’ve never been to Florida ever. It did bug me since it took the film is suppose to take place in Disney World and mixing the two park together looked a bit odd and it can be very obvious.

I will admit that being shot on a bunch of Handheld cameras, the film actually looked pretty good. Plus some of the special effects in it were actually good like the scene where Jim was inside Spaceship Earth. The helmet that he had on in the scene and how it came on him looked really good.


Although, I will admit there are some Green Screen Shots that were incredibly obvious and didn’t really look good.

Final Thoughts: I thought it was a bit boring. The Concept of it is rather interesting and it does seem on the audacious side, but it does come off as a bit dull and would be a rather odd sit for the Disney fans since it doesn’t really do anything to be mean to Disney or suggest that it’s evil. So if you want to see it, go right ahead. I’m not going to stop you. I just find it to be rather dull, but like I said; It’s an interesting idea for a film. I just wish it was executed a little bit better.

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