A battle that can never be won, for that is just how two minds think, because there can only be one winner and one loser.

I will at this moment, now neither say it in false praises, nor is care of who I stand for, it just the truth.

You both suck at something and do great at something else.

Why does everything need to be overburden after that, really, I don’t see why?

If you don’t know what I mean, let’s hear some questions and see if that sheds some light.

Who is better at driving; a man or a woman?

A sport like this, be it ice skating or football, is made or and played by who?

When someone is saying for respect, a male or female voice sound better?

Will music ever change into something, people need now, than the overblown of wants of the better symbol sex?

Who’s better at being a parent, mother or father?

You know what this sexless voice says; its bullshit, what else is there to say.

I have seen both drives, no one is better; scale rate means nothing, when seeing you both fail at it.

Sports are sports, it’s something all love, a name for it, is the only that divides it.

Nothing more, nothing less, if the game you love is on, just watches it and enjoys it, with whoever is with you.

A voice a reason can come from anywhere, it only relies on who is listening, and where it goes from there.

Listen to the music of change, than that comparing one another of who is better and who is worst, trashing talking each other, only goes so far . . . and what left is just distrusting and unbelievable.

And that last question, when it comes to parenting, it’s a tossup.

A tossup, not for me to fully say, for if you want or have children, it is on you!

You could fail, you could be the best, but if leads to a competition to win a child’s heart.

Then there are no winners, just sex overcoming on what matters . . . being a family.

Parents; fathers and mothers, you’ll be winners or losers, but only if you choose it.

You choose on winning that small heart over for favorites or just help that child grow, into an adult.

Into you!

A role model, which warps minds into, that a penis and a vagina are the enemies to the end!

This shouldn’t be a war!

This shouldn’t even matter for look for a moment or so and see what it has leaded too.


At pointblank range, set to kill, and forever alienated this already collapsed world.

Is there really a future where race, faith, ideals, choices of love and passion . . . and now sadly gender, really make this planet spin?

There just can’t be one?

Call me out on it for being some of inhuman to point out, but again, it’s the truth.

It’s petty, that even after years of change to happen, a standstill has come.

Because all want to rely on that is one race to lead, one faith to believe in, one love to have and to hold, with a correctable passion one because it fits their standers, for what sex they are, will do it just right.

I’m done with it, just done, because that’s not what all want, is it?

How would I know, I’m just some person, most likely female, ranting about how this world is run by men who will do anything to stay on top, and keep others in their place.

I despise you very much from thinking that, because, only for a point was made.

Again falls to, one of needed life.

Not one of many.

There should be one culture notice, one holy life to look up, and a passion given and done with.

Wrong, very wrong.

The human race can’t be like this, split down the middle of it, is just erroneous . . . to a high degree.

We come off as the very children of future years to come; untouched with emotion that makes us human.

Not sissies for crying, if sadness is too much, let the tears fall.

Not tomboys for difference, if acting such as you do, make you smile, go ahead.

Gender bending is now common words to others, for as if one sex can do it, why not another.

Gender race as well, having places turned around, for world culture is a must!

The only thing left is faith in believing . . . in what?

World Peace has become a pipe dream.

Gender Roles will forever play their parts for years to come.

Loving those of makes one heart skip a beat, is just a sin to other’s eyes.

A battle . . . that has no real winner or loser . . . but a fruitless battle as any other that will go one, until; no one is left to breathe on this ticking time bomb of a planet.

I see this world is far from being . . . something gray . . . and live in only black and white.

Out of all the wars there have been . . . this one is the longest . . . and most inane one of them all.

I throw in my towel, hang my flag up and high, and calling it an end . . .

For I think that’s the only win there will be, for there be no lines of gender, race, faith, and passion, is to just drop it and know this!

We all breathe, we all have choices to make, we all a have passion to follow in work and love, and most of all . . . what we do is in our control . . . but letting it control ourselves?

Is just a sign of weakness and giving into and go back on unset plans and returning to the ones meant to be broken.

And deep down we are rule breakers, admitting or not, it’s one thing we all do right.

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