As to what this man does,

Knowing something is half the battle . . .

Results cover the basics,

Fighting takes up the corners,

And pressing onward to prove a point,

Takes up the rest of the space of his combat charts . . .

Which he storms with pride!

Timmer . . .

He is a combatant,

Even if he dresses up like a bad guy,

Fools all others at the end,

As a well planned plot twist.

His reviews are what you think,

Well factual,




A one note he plays,

But always make it worthwhile,

As what he speaks about is,

Something everyone was just bound to grow up on,


And pass down to future generations.

An uncomplicated memorandum,

But he plays it well,

As it is his bludgeon of choice.

Knowing is half the battle,

And it’s all at his command . . .

If that’s not a subtle way of world domination,

I don’t know what is.


I feel no fear to Comrade Timmer,

So carry on the good work,

And battle hard when things become too much,

For a regret of a solider I know you’re not.

So ten-up soldiers,

Bow face and salute,

At ease,

You are dismiss,

Until further notice!

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