In many tall tales of the past, all Infinite Spirits come in many forms. Animals. Objects. Man. Woman. Child. Little is faintly spoken of those who are oddly mixed. And those that are finally worded of said mixes, are human and beast. But Hapi, a keeper of life in Nile’s rivers and vegetation growing on the ledges of the rivers.

Hapi was gamely seen as man, both from mortal and immortal. Yet the breast of woman, the fertility to give life resting beneath and within his belly, and long hair covering his being from prying eyes.

Despite of how he looked, he was still a man. Able to care the life he made. Alone. No extra hands needed of other gods and goddesses. Nor the humans.

Why not even the humans?

It’s then the feel of good reasons and bad reasons.

All reasons though, lead to his children.

All the feelings come in bitter-sweetness. For it’s a cycle that all of life must die and what has died come back to fill in the missing space of life. It is a cycle that never had a clear start nor will it have a clear end. That is how Hapi saw it, be it a good or bad. It is how it came to forever be.

Many would come to help, when vast death come. Wars that polluted boundless lands of food and rivers nowhere close to drink. Thus nearly cessation the world in place, only Set would be proud of.

But as Wars come, they soon leave. Giving time for the world to restart that cycle that never stops spinning.

Hapi has gotten used to it, but at the same, wish it would stop. For he can’t handle so many loses that are given a side glance.

One day, that cycle will stop and Hapi will finally rest.

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