In cases of seen through history, many legends and myths are forgotten and lost. Thrown away from the eyes of anew and very few passed down from elders. Even then, it’s a struggle for old tales to thrived. And for this lore, an animal god, far from the distance lands, sand domes, vast heart of Egypt.

This god is known for the very energy in life and power. He’s a calm flyer. A strong flyer that no beast or human-host god could ever be.

Gengen-Wer, a goose god. For a title and reputation like this, he wouldn’t have been ever taken as serious the gods that lived about with him.

To where little is known about him in today’s time.

Yet, long ago of past lives, he was tenderly cared for and treated, just as any other Holy Being.

With little words of Gengen-Wer, it has been quickly said that when he open his wings, a strong blast would exhale from them. Enlightening everything in his path.

Powering the world that lighting would be ashamed of. And it should ever be.

More words could be said for this goose god. If only the words of the past could have made it now.

His page of history wouldn’t have been lost, if the young of the new world could have listen. He wouldn’t be this close as forgotten.

Not taking in mind of many like him. But even this little say of him, got through.

If only others would have been just as lucky.

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