Spitting on a Holy Being is one thing. Walking on one is another. But do not fret, he did not mind nor look upon the humans in anger and wish them harm. For he is the god of earth. Sand, dirt, mud, soil, everything that is earth and everything that it will be. Along with his wife, Nut, goddess of sky. Forever they entwine with one another, watching everything, and being everything.

The god of earth may else be known as more than simple dirt that clings the one’s skin. For that it’s said, when catty chats of gods and humans share, the world shakes. For that his laughter is so strong that it’ll never be forgotten.

Many times, those laughers cause trouble. For that, Geb, gives his words of sorrows to those who were unknowingly caught in destruction. Never will he forget those who cry of losses of many that can’t come back.

In others troubles by Geb, his children. Set in mind comes at the price Geb didn’t want his boy to do. Ending the life of another sibling. For that Set lost the respect of his father and mother. To which, when the death of Osiris, and the failure of Set by Horus.

To also help the grief of the huge lost of a son of Geb and Nut. Horus went to comfort Isis, their first daughter. It was the help Geb wanted to see in all of his family. Help that was shabbily destroyed by his own son, his youngest son, fail the heart of the earth.

Geb, laughter turned into cries, shaking the world. Tall stone walls crumbled with his cries. Not knowing after his grief was calmly tamed, half the world was forever lost and never coming back.

Years later. The grief lingers. Plowing the world when the reminders of all of past fails enter his mind. The humans didn’t understand, until the messages leaked out. They now hold their heads up high, hoping one day, when it comes. Geb will heal.

For that the shakes of earth will stop and stay calm. Showing that Geb wants the world to stay around as long as it can.

As Geb, the god of earth, wants his people to have. Just as his fellow gods would have in him.

The End.

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