Not many of the High Creators would waste their time mingling with the humans, for that they are mostly working on protecting and nurturing them. But, why not closer, reaching beyond through the clouds, that react with the sands and waters. Where the mothers-to-be, children, and little family of those of fathers who work to the bone.

They needed hope and still do now. Mothers-to-be to have a safe birth. Children to grow into well-minded adults and carry on to next lines after. And the families who live in small huts, have little food, rags as clothes, and close to death.

It can’t ever be turn a blind eye, it can’t.

Bes, reach out, to them. Guide the children. Treat the mothers-to-be. Lead the families of the broken and not to where the promise land is.

Ignore all what others say, don’t let their words dagger your mind. Ra can see it and do others of light.

Guidelines are the key to life. Within life, leads to more paths made. Paths are vastly made to become followed or not. It’s for them and them alone.

Bes sees that. In the dreams, the words, the choices. Bes who is the god of households. Watcher of the people who are mindlessly blinded played with or not. For him, they see him, mostly children. As he tells stories of life to come. For them and others that will be vastly shared.

Bes, the god that is known little in faith and size. Covers it with a big heart made extract of what Egypt is and alone, makes him strong.

When Bes is strong, so are the people. And when they are, world is full and bright.

Set never thought some little man would ever get the best of him. With barely nothing but grains of sand.

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