He lingers through the minds, leading them of how he thought fit. Wondering about the land by others feet. Seeing through their eyes. Controlling them as puppets, hanging by thin, breakable, clear twine. A human-like god he is. How? It’s not clear of how or why he does, for his name alone means what he is. Be that he’s proud of it or not. The Hidden One is who is he.

Known far and wide of the desert land of Egypt, fingering the sands in small trails of where he had traveled through others. Tasting sweets and bitters along the way. For a man of the havens, humans held a tender toll to him. More or equal to those he had with his immortal family.

Yet, those puppet strings, had to be thicker, stronger, and visible to them. For that if the lower gods and goddess dare themselves to become something he, the lower Numen dub, Amun. Leaving him, his first name, giving by the humans, The Hidden One.

For those who question his name, not the dub god name, his name given by the humans. Of that, why be named that, if you are so well-known?

Amun, only known from rumors of humans who thought he came down from the sky and grace their land in his golden light, before soon by a blink of an eye, was he gone. By the immortal family of his, talk exchanged by one another, mostly those smaller minions of the sun, seen him and shared words. Short words, but words none the less.

Facts show little of what Amun did before his ends neared. Truth be told, gods can’t die, but that doesn’t means they can’t give up the right for another to take over. When his finally moments came, so did little of the thoughts of how others would handle without him. He left words for them to repeat incase they forgot the reason being there, that there is no reason to stop when he never did.

He didn’t stop being the keeper of the Holy Throne, he didn’t give up the other Spirits nor the humans, he didn’t stop being The Hidden One. Amun step down and gave a the throne to someone of a fresh mind of ideas and plans.

The throne, to Amun, was going to those who kept a level head and took everything in. If they didn’t just the throne as he thought, a new body would be place in it and trial the same way. When that one finally came, he back to where Amun enjoyed doing the most, being The Hidden One, watching as time went by for his humans and immortal family.

Happy and angry of the choices that came by without much a thought. But thou never step in, for he wanted them to grow. Amun had to say hidden, wondering about by others unknowingly and bow his head that his world of flourishing sand and sky kingdom will do just fine without him.

Only when they world is ending and the words he spoke before are lost and need a strong reminder of what they did before everything went black.

The End.

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