A fan fiction poem to Tom and Jerry

It’s a endless game they play.

For that it’s in their natures.

Cat and mouse.

Out witting one another to no ends.

To where nearing one will win and another fail.

Cat wins, dinner awaits.

Mouse wins, another day to see the day.

At the ends of his tail.

From views of others, would see them as wagers.

Time well spend on them.

For that it must in their DNA.

Tom and Jerry, friend and foe.

Wits and joke, never go away.

For that is how the game is played.

Cat and mouse.

Catch and run.

One winner, one loser.

Oh, how one will enjoy one to become the ladder of the joke.

If one is evoked enough.

Right Tom, Jerry?

Cat and mouse.

Longest game and very well played.

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