1000 words can’t express what has changed thus far,

Speaking as only one soul,

Looking past of what has happen,

And show some kind of emotion.


Where in others want to gaze as steel,

Frozen forever,

Unmovable but not close that as,

The noble Iron Man,

For we are only human!


Just closing our eyes,

And sleep,

Just go back to sleep,

Go on counting the bodies like sheep,

And forget it all,

As to seen as a horrific dream of vinegary awareness . . .


Becoming closer to verve,

But far from imagination of endless coyness,

What an evil game it has become.


Straightforward theater settings;

Just as girls being them,

And boys will be boys,

Simple but a fact,

Of being themselves with less of the freedom,

To do so!


Hearing nothing but,

Mordred’s Lullaby drowning,


Sparing nothing but the ashes of,

Death at its worst,

But it’s most welcoming greeting.


Just as looking to futuristic flights,

Of airplanes covering the sky,

Going places,

The few and golden get to do,

As if mindless and warping routine.


Following the streaks left behind,

Ending up to oddly,

Boundlessly lose yourself,

To join the dances of the thin lines,

Of morphing pale clouds . . .


Crying to skies for all to hear,

“Don’t mess with me”,

To deaf ears that care little,

But maybe just one or two,



Don’t you worry child,

In time,

Something is to come,

Anything at your fingertips!


Forgetting all of the spring setback sore,

Summertime sadness,

Autumn animosity,

And wintry weather wantonness,

That follows close behind every passing year.


Leaving little else left to do,

Is just counting stars,

And hoping for something,

Anything . . .


An uprising that would be change,

But only known as a dream,

To some that are called fools.


Children that have become untouchable on the bare,

Just as my skin,

Unwanted or lack the need for care,

For it wasn’t made for them.


Shattered heart,

Swelling eyes,

Tried body of the fail and

The numbing useless!


But not this time,

Right here and right now,

A change is to come!


So come little children,

Who was as been seen in nothing but a dark superfluous light . . .

And make something happen.


The need to become stronger,

Is now or never,



Let them know,

The last to know,

Of what you can do!


Do not think of this in vain,

For there is always,


Somebody to die for,

Beyond yourself!


Following nights to come,

You’re going down in history,

For all to remember from that day onward!


Release what is holding you back,

That she-demon,

Let her go,

And embrace what is left,

What is central you.


It’s never too late,

To make a change,

You just need a start.


Make the memoires,

Make the future.

You want to be happy?


You have to make that happiness,

On your own;

With words and actions,

No one can do but you.

March on as the diluted,


Pink elephants on parade!


Break free,

Don’t become a cannibal,

Such as me!


A troublemaker to some,

Who was found less of a bother . . .


I believe in chances as they didn’t,

Those chances are you,

Make them,

Please . . .


For all the things I’ve done,

Make only sense for them not to die.


Having the bodies scatter the ground,

And show no remorse to those,

Who wanted nothing more than insipidness . . .


They want a world of rubble,

All the people to act as mindless,

And disposable,

Like a zombie.


I already see that waving flag.


As my last exhale to you,

The game changers to this world,

I’m very glad you came,

Just in time . . .

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