There is not much I can say about this man,

Other than THAT he’s awesome,

At his art!

He’s just someone who takes,

The bull by the horns,

And make it his bitch,

No matter the LONG trails he goes through,

He takes as a cat strut and lives it up.

The critique he gives,

Is as many as strands of HAIRED on someone’s or many heads,

The number is never right but filled with,

Continual and realistic,

Words that leave his mouth!

Other may call him many things,

But to me,

What others see as CREEPY . . .

I see lovable as he’s close to human by far,

Then what I have seen thus in other lands,

May he stay that way for years to come!

Even if I am boasting about one GUY,

Who could anyone that fits this,

The one within my mind,

Is who I see as a friend . . .

Who is honest . . .

And has an evil,


Chibi unholy-god that will end you if harm comes,

To one of many who try to live in this injustice world!

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