In the composes of saying yes,

Issues of saying its bitter brother,

Is another tale to tell to the fellow ears,

As there is much to know on this little empty word!

Just as yes is something that is hard to say,

Saying no is much easier.


Because than is nothing to prove after saying it,

Nothing to compare or living up to it,

It’s just a no.

So many could say it and not care,

But they do,

In matters of reputation,

That could leave in a blink of an eye,

For all the work earned up ‘til now.

Let’s be kind of about this,

And call out on it,

For that matters of being human,

Is just nature working . . .

As stupid that is,

It’s someone true,

Basing on the person who would say no,

And not yes.

For their scared of losing something,

Be it meaningful or less,

It’s all on fear,

That if saying yes is a game on chance,

To take everything away,

And no keeps it all in place.

On habit,

People will say no,

Because of competition of yes,

Is dangerous . . .


It sounds dumb to say it,

But think about it,

Even for a moment,

If you were able to ask something,

Anything to a family member,


Random stranger at a coffee shop,

And they say.

Notice the tone and contact of it.

Is the tone airy light and hard to hear?

And they move away?

Is it short and blunt?

Like it’s a subject to never bring up again?

Do they not even speak and motion the shoulders,


Their answer is in signs of rejection?

Does the word no come in matter different uses,

To hopefully the other understands,

That the other never tried to test the limits,

And even bothered?

Could it be that there is laughter,

In matters that the question was pointless,

In the signs of being almost human?

No is a simple word,

Because of all the hidden truth of it,

As that yes,

Is the enemy!

Word of play on that is,

Yes and no.

Yes means trying and going passed what can be done and being ready for the future.

No means lack of trying and staying the same for whatever the future holds.


The safety net,

From getting hurt.

It’s time for to change.

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