Do I really need to say it?

To someone who has made one of many,

Marks in life and have them,

Worth it all of childhood . . .

Simple as this,

The new shines of Disney and it holds,

Can’t compare to this fan!

He makes it worth it all.

In childhood,

For young and old of the heart!

It means everything for the hard work,

This guy does,

For a land of dreams not many could come up with,

And have more so than one,

Remember of the times,

Of recalling the Magical Place on Earth!

Oh from time to time,

He’ll step of his realm and join others,

But oh no. . .

Disney is his world.

Flaws of it all,

And what makes so many go back for more,


When at the glum of lowest moments of magic . . .

He’s able to climb out of it,

Leave the signs of chances,



And it’s endless laughter and tears.

He’s Moviefan12,

The golden baby empathy of Disney,

That just brings out the best,

Of why I love that world,

And want to get back on its feet.

He knows what his mind can do,

And goes for it,

Along with his childhood spirit and wonder fill eyes,

Makes you want to see,

Disney can get better,

Even at its worst.

If he can do it,

Why not all the rest?

He’s made this far in life,

And may he keep going,

Being the other part of childhood . . .

One that we the watchers and readers,

Can be part of,

When others might shut us out . . .

Just look to the second star to right,

And straight on ‘til morning!

For that’s how I think he plans his work,

And knows how to struck us in the mind,

By showing he cares of childhood,

Young and old!

With Rapunzel as his second-in-command,


She’s a got a frying pan and not afraid to use.

My word of intake,

Listen with open ears and heart,

And be ready to duck . . .

Just in case.

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