Everyone has a view on something,

And will stay by it,

Not once of thinking of a second voice to hear.

That is where I find others wrong,

Another voice should always be welcome.

An instant estimation of something,

To at least shine some light,

On something that leaves many a bad chill.

Second Opinion is not only words to use,

To hear,

And to listen,

But a name that means well in giving,

Something a shine to it . . .

He judges just as another else,

But for the better,

As he wants more than a yes or no,

On something that can go much farther,

Into detail no less.

Be them classics or today’s wow,

He has this attitude,

That makes hard not ignore it.

As he finds good in bad,

And bad in good,

Even it out,

For that it comes to understanding,

That not everything is made for someone!

Just as something of cult or mainstream,

He finds what makes them different,


And if it’s forgettable or not . . .

He’s the second voice,

Second say when other doubt,

Following moment of trust . . .

He’s the Second Opinion,

Who . . .

Just wants others to understand,

There is more than bad or good.

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