He’s a big brother to some,

A joker to others,

A man who goes far deeper into ideas . . .

Than no other I know.

He’s someone who wants to look farther,

For he sees everything as an Easter hunt,

With sound facts,

And his endless and boundless mindset,

That is Ratin8or.

For whatever he does in matters of what lies,

At the end of his fingertips,

Once more,

It’s boundless.

Another boundless,

Is his name . . .

As to that not many can say it right,

Nor am I say I can too.

But it adds to the charm,

That is Ratin8or,

Even if others can’t see it,

In the mazes of his deep thoughts,

He shares with others.

With matters of saying,

There can be mindless satisfaction,

He’ll prove you all wrong.

Ratin8or goes so deep,

The chances of getting out,

Are unlikely,

But really,

Would you after finding out,

The secret amusing of it.

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