The town was lively. People moving around as ants from here to there. Traffic was luckily light compare to the sidewalks. The happenings of one getting their feet step on and others not knowing, a fair chance within a sea of people.


Kate took notice of it all, relaxing on a bench by a bus stop sign, a strain on her when working on tired leg joints. Stretching her left leg as best she could, as the rough cotton strap rubbed her upper knee cap raw. Kate hand her cooled, autumn chilled, hand over the red-tinted skin, letting a small hiss leave her lips. Her eyes wandered near where a large pothole was, her eyes glared at it.


“Hijo de una vaca de cerebro metal de cuero . . .” Kate mutter to herself, tending her light burn.


She refined the straps, fixing her shoe as it almost came off from her little non-fun trip, panting down her clothes that ended up a bit ruffled from her little episode. Once it was all settled, she steadily stood up from the bench, testing her leg, taking no mind of any onlookers, and soon took off down street when the lights changed, just in time before a car came zooming down.


Reaching to the other side of the street, lucky enough with less people, and went on heading south end of the sidewalk. Eyes passing and glancing around her. Unknowing she ended up at old, but all optimistically treasured.


Upon finding the very tree, Kate would always somehow managed to climb and very likely get stuck in. Kate raked her hand on a side of tree, removing a good amount of moss from, finding some etched still there, faded, but readable.


To that alone, she gave a smile. Soon it fell and she walked away, heading over a swing that was newly install on the tree, around the other side of it. Tempted, Kate gave it a try. Along with two, breathing and swinging entwined, as Kate looked around the park.


So many thoughts wandered through her mind, as it had been awhile, noticing a lot or nothing really changed. But remain as to another different question, does that also go for people as well, or not?


With a grumpy groan, quickly got to her feet on the swings seat, hearing the hinges cranked to the weight, and grow louder as she swung a little faster, enough to get away from the ground. As it swung, Kate calmed herself, before finally jumping off during a mid-swing, landing hard her feet, bending her knees to where they almost touched the ground, the back arching to keep from topping over.


Kate looked over her shoulder, a small smile on her lips.


“Haven’t lost my touch, yet.” Proudly and smugly the came and went, before the tone changed a little lighter. “Guess it’s time to find o’ Slopes.”


With that left the park, with more of a spring in her step, ready for the coming terms of things.


Less she thought of being running into that is.


“Hey, what where you . . .”




Kate’s mini rant came to a stop, when getting off the ground and facing up to see who ran into her, her eyes widen with surprise.


“Alan, wow you got taller?”


Alan gave bit a of frown before saying. “What? Are you saying I was short before?”


An arched brow was his only answer.


“When did you get back?” Alan asked, about to help her, but Kate stopped him from doing so.


“About a week back. Finally, um, decided to see the sun for once, you know?”


Now it was his turn to give the look of not believing a word the other said.


“Right . . .”


A short silence filled between them, before Kate broke it.


“Why are you such a hurry?”


“Doing some things, needed to stop by the library because Park’s there, doing some kind of project for school or something. But I’m going there to return some books.” He said, shortly pointing his backpack, before thumbing off to another location. “Want to tag along. Catch up for real this time?”


She gave a shrugged, knowing fully well of the hidden words he was really asking, but made no reply to shake the truth out of him. Only asking him to lead the way.


As they went on to the library, both filled in each other of number of things that happen while Kate was gone and what she has been doing.


“You really thinking of going through with it?”


“Maybe not, I don’t this thing all that much, but who knows. I’m just living now.”


Alan gave a nod to that.


“And you?” Kate asked, pointing to a side of her face in mirror of his own.


“Long story. Short vision: things didn’t go well, I needed help, got it, and live happy around with people who show they like me.” Alan answered, running a hand on the side of his face where Kate was pointing at.


“Zam hasn’t changed though.”




“Some hope in this world then.” Kate stated, glad to have change the subject with less tension in the air.


Alan gave nodded to the truth of that, upon seeing they had reached library, in time seeing it was closing.


“A bit early . . .” Alan wondered, before rushing ahead to the person locking up the doors, shouting to the man. “Excuse me, why is the library closing now? It’s not Sunday?”


The person looked over his shoulder to the boy behind.




“Okay, was there anyone here, before?”


“Son, it’s been empty sense five, drop your books at the cubby and go home.” The man said with much firmer voice, before heading down the stairs that headed to the parking lot.


“Well that was rude.” Kate said, eyeing the man as he walked off, just in time, before Kate was any closer.


Alan gave a shrug, walking over to a cubby draw was, letting the books slide in. A face of uncertainness formed as Alan kept thinking. Glancing over to the parking lot. Soon to the sky.


“It’s getting late. In the morning could you come over at the Monskey’s house?”


“Any reason?”


“Yes and no, but please come, anyway.”


“Mind games, really?”


Alan gave a weak smile when he knew he was caught and said. “What it used to work when we were little.”


“I’ll see you there. Something about the guy bothering you?” Kate asked, when seeing the look Alan had when he turned to face her.


He just gave a nod, waved and headed on the path home. Kate did the same. Both unknowing picked their speed up when hearing the sound an engine of a car starting, as it echoed into the twilight tone air.


The End . . . ?


—-Side Note—-


Hijo de una vaca de cerebro metal de cuero . . . =  Son of an rawhide metal brain cow . . .

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