“You can’t just stay in your room all day, Katy?” A kind woman said, outside the door way of the young teen’s room. Soon: adding to her daughter, with but a fact of truth. “Let alone a week, mi hijo.”


“Don’t feel like it.”


“What about all that talk about finding your friends? Parkland’s home is not far from here, I bet she would be happy to see you, after so long.”


“I’m too tried.”


“Too tried to see a friend?”


“I wouldn’t really call her a friend, mom?”


Her mother just rolled her eyes, giving a sigh, before walking fully into the room. Standing near the foot of the bed of her child, assertively grabbed the blankets and pulled them away. Rolling them up and leaving the room.


“Mom, no, it’s cold!” Kate yelled, jumping out her bed, dashing after her mother, to get back the blankets in hasty grabs, trying to make look like her body was freezing, even though the weather was midsummer at most.


“Sorry, I need to get laundry done, and I am not waiting any longer to wash these. But, hey, now you’re up, go outside.” Her mother said, in such an acute way, before side turning to face her child, soon adding. “But first, change out those as well, you look like a mole person, and I didn’t waste the better half of my life, raising no science fiction titanic.”


“Mom . . .”


“Change and better be quick by on the count of cinco!”


“Mom, really, not today . . .”


“Uno . . . !” She started out with, before pointed back to where Kate’s room was, before again counting. “Dos . . . ! Mejor irnos, mi hijo, o enfrentar la ira de mamá!”


“Oh, fine!” Kate stated, with distrust, before marching back to her room, changing quickly, grabbing some weekend chore money, and with little care, sliding down the ramp, not in the mood to take the stairs, upon meeting eyes with her father.


“Stairs next time, kiddo, safety first.” He stated; fixing the sport cap on her head that was almost coming off, from the sudden rush down the ramp. Sparing a moment to kiss her forehead, speaking quietly when slowly pulling away, with a knowing smile to his daughter, which she gave back even knowing what he was going to say. “Don’t mind your mother, you know how she is. And don’t think what happen before did not bother her, I already gave my say to the lady and her son. Your mother, she’s just wants you to be like you’re normally are . . .”


“Which: means no lazing around the house, like it’s the end of the world. Yes, daddy, I understand.”


“So glad you’re catching on quickly. Now get going. Be home before dinner, okay?”


“Yeah, dad, see you at the dinner table!”


To Be Continued . . .




—-Side Note—-


 mi hijo — My child

cinco — Five

Uno — One

 Dos . . . ! Mejor irnos, mi hijo, o enfrentar la ira de mamá! — Two . . . ! Better get moving, my child, or face the wrath of mama!

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