Work he does,

Comes as a gamble,

For it’s different,

And for it’s awesome that way.

It’s his secret sunshine,

In a cold world,

We all have to deal with,

This is his way and for readers of many,

They love it too.

To others whom lack such mind-set,

Plays off as if having a one night with chocolate,

Strange sounding,

But gives an interested with a lifted brow.

An ocean heaven if one was to say,

It’s calming,

Helpful in emotions and life as a whole,

This is just his way.

It gives one many of thoughts,

That stepping out from norm,

Makes it all the better.


There are moments,

He speaks of things,

That make one unconformable,

But everyone has confessions,

And some go very deep.

Not close to an outrage,

But pure thoughts not from the heart,

But passing life.

To where you are just shocked,


But can’t but grin that he did it.

Going where he’s asking to,

Look me in the eyes,

And say it’s not true.

And he’s right,

What he does is different,

But far from unwelcoming,

Just how someone would feel,

On a lazy Sunday Morning,

It comes and you live it.

For there is nothing better,

But to live,

And live it well.

No other like him,

Not even one doppelgänger like him.

For his words flow,


A dust,

A petal-like dust as he speaks,

Which means there is no one like him.

Believing so he goes by name,

Likeness of silent waters,

Eerie and calm,


Even so,

Words of him saying of anything,

Such as he would say,

I’m crying on a straight road of aloneness,

Those words would never come,

For that’s far from the truth.

If he’ll never,

I will never cry,

For he is expressing himself.

As this comes full circle,

I the writing has praise him to a point of annoyance,

To sum I think.

But he has earned it,

Annoying as it goes,

As he goes from the man from nowhere,

To someone worth knowing.

Manic Expression has become his dream home,

Free to show who he is.

If there was anyone in mind,

When asking,

Who can teach me,

To become as good or close other bloggers,

It’s him.

And with that,

I bid all farewell,

Until next time.

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