Did You Get It?

What is right?
What is wrong?
Tame . . .
Broken . . .
All gray?
Or colors of two?
Do you get it?
Everything has a question.
Everything has a answer.
Knowing to ask and reply is on who is speaking.
For that who is speaking . . .
May be right or wrong.
Do you get it?
Telling lies.
Telling truth.
Everyone is a person.
Everyone is a monster.
Who is who,
Relies on you.
Even on yourself.
You call yourself a person,
Others say monster.
Switch it,
It’s the same.
Or is it?
Do you get it?
Straight road.
Wacky Road.
A road is a road.
A rule is a rule.
A monster is a person.
A person is a monster.
Through your eyes,
Which is which?
Do you get it?
Do you get it?
Being free.
Being confined.
Do you get it?
Helping the weak.
Becoming the strong.
There is a higher power.
There is only yourself.
All happens for a reason.
Nothing ever happens and falls in place.
Do you get it?
Do you?
Because I sure don’t.
And if I did . . .
My answer would be as cryptic as this poem.
Good day.
Good night.

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