He is a fan of shock.
He is a fan of blood.
He is a fan of screams.
He is a fan of horror.

One of many,
That loves and thrives,
For things to go bump into the night.

Eyeing for elements that make us,
Fear farther than what our minds can do.

As our minds only see that of . . .
Villains . . .
Gore . . .
Jumps . . .
And Flashes.

He takes a step more than all.

For there is passion,
He wishes to find,
In the matters that horror all the more,
Pleasing to the eyes.

Screams are his score.
Loud and long,
The better the element.

He’s a new kind of viewer killer,
But that’s what makes him,
All the more to fear and see,
What’ll he will do.

A chance that should not be wasted,
For if so,
Another element one might become,
If not careful.

For he is a horror reviewer.
With a sharp tongue that of a knife,
That wouldn’t shy away,

Some could say,
That it his word of wisdom,
All the welcoming,
But also scary.

Sleep lightly,

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