Winds are just right.
Soft and even.
Cloudless day with a bright sun.
Open field that goes on for miles.
The bows are set.
The wire tied and ready.
All that is needed is to run.
Try to look back.
Rise it high.
Against the gentle winds.
Listen to how the plastic cloth folds to the winds.
Taking off.
A chance to trip and slip this up.
A fair shot.
But not something to just stop and give up on.
A gust comes.
In a favor.
Turn quick and see.
A small chore it was.
Even with a short tug against sheer will.
But a chore that was a win.
A win to you.
Now enjoy as it flies.
For it’s a kite made by your hands.
See this through.
Before the winds stall.

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