He is thy master,
A master in his own right.
An enjoyable man with a sense of fun.
One of many who looks all things in far and low ranges.
He as many,
Has a life of snarky mad man,
Or would hog be more fitting?
As someone such as I,
A mere watcher of his show,
I don’t really know him.
A master he still is.
As team he works well with.
Though now,
They remain unnamed,
They make who the master is.
For they give just as many larks,
as does thy.
Some would see him as strange,
For there are times,
People of the public have come to see,
On webs or not.
Funny man or hog,
With a good head on his shoulders.
I give him points where it’s needed.
And it speaks in high volumes in laughter.
May Master thy Madhog never lose that gift.
For a laugh,
Is one of the most rare gift one can do.
In matter of minutes.

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