Truth is what is light,
But the dark as well.
In the matters of speaking it,
Comes in bittersweet.
As it is told.
As lies soften the pain,
The truth is a punch in the gut.
Not a wonderful puchline,
But that’s just how it is.
A joke that is not sweet nor bitter.
Some have come to terms of its taste.
A taste some find hard to swallow.
Or too easy,
If you know the person in question.
It hurts to say it,
But that’s the truth for you.
A punchline that you wish came out fun and laughable.
But life doesn’t give us that choice,
Or that often really.
Just a truth we have to take,
Choke and swallow with a grin.
For the sake of living.
Swallow it.
With milk or water . . .
Even a fine strong one is fine.
It’s needed.
Or you’ll just . . .

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