Nothing seems to be going right,
I thought taking a break would fix everything,
But no,
That’s not the case.

Not this time.

I’m tired to say the least,
Body is taking longer to reply to things,
Speak seems to only enter in huffs and one words.

Saying to be alone,
doesn’t have the answers,
Nor looking for a helping hand.

But I am missing people.

Near and far.

I just have no idea what to do,
How to handle it when coming to it.

I want to cry,
But there seems to be no tears to shed.

Nor will the pain lessing for the sake,
a peaceful mind.

Is something I don’t want to be,
Not anymore.

Even gone for awhile,
To get back to at least sitting up,
Close to standing.

Do I have still the people I have come to known,
As family,
Still care?

In time,
I guess I’ll know,
But it will take time on my half,
To catch up on being the same as them again.

Gone and back,
Lost right now in a froggy mind,
And keys that let me write.

Right now,
I feel the need of hug.

Anyone have a small offer to grant that?

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