There is something wrong, I don’t know what it is.

It slows everything down.
Shuts me out,
Stops and deletes everything before it can be saved.

It happens out of the blue,
Or in the mid of work.

The unsureness of able to stay on,
Is slowly becoming a question,
If I will be able.

No one is listening,
Understands the damage that can be done,
If not taken of.

What is to be shock about,
It’s seems to only to matter,
If it bothers them,
And laugh when happening to me.

Dumb as it is to speak of it,
Everything could be shot off,
Nor will anything be added,
For the troubles.

It’s just a problem,
A simple problem,
That cost,
Takes time,
And sadly anger some.

A problem it is,
And I a problem I have to deal with.

What overblown joy that is!

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