In silent this voice lied,
Unable to speak,
Unable to know what oath of a path to take,
I now know.
As where that saying,
That was cared and loved in a society,
Of dead bards,
Awoke of why and what I am.
Where I go,
How that’s to come,
Is still mysterious,
But that’s what makes it thrilling.
As they too seize the day,
The day is more than that.
For that,
In a finally moment of eloquent,
I will not only seize the day,
But life,
My life,
As the oath is vocalized in disputes,
Only I know and declare greatly of.
Even though they are just written,
It’s the closest to stone one is to come,
For it make fade,
That lingering feeling deep within the minds,
Will forever be there and gladly be.
As again,
To seize the day is one thing,
But seizing life is a far bigger venture.
And one that will be grasped,
Pulled near,
And used to what it is needed to be,
My life!

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