Belittle the thoughts of thoughts,
For if too much so of it,
It may fall to where change,
Will never change,
But only repeat,
Tis leaving change hasn’t happen,
More for that we only echo,
Thus only becoming one and the same,
With little of pity future to come,
Or to not at all,
Over knowing elements we don’t understand,
Block out the true reason of change,
But duplications as thy only friend,
Or in the thicker walls,
A fiend!
Do think if one wishes to,
But do action for lacks of mirror events,
Even if the events feel that as,
Déjà vu,
Thus again,
Both belittle change and recurrences,
As thinking is a like a drug,
On how you use it,
To live or die,
In matters on the user,
Not the giver.

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