I hold on to the little things,
That is everything around me.
Blindsided to what should seem so good to see for what I am.
Yet, I can’t seem to.

Not to say I want to become anything worthwhile,
Nor perfect by any means.
That lives in only in dreams.
I don’t want to false everything that I know.

If there is a place for that,
Where I can feel at least a bit at home,
Please someone one,
Take me to that wonderland.

I still find myself,
Sitting by the window,
The four seasons tick by.
Spring is now,
And bountiful,
A small of butterflies are out,
One lone butterfly nears my window.

About to open the window,
It flies off,
Into the woods,
To where I dared followed it,
Out of curiosity,
Even knowing fully well what happens to cat in the end.

With caution for others not to follow,
I walk alone,
But strong minded,
I couldn’t be gone for longer than an hour to the most.

Each step taken through the woods,
Leaves an soft echo,
In their,
Humble wake,
That the forest’s floor offers.

So soon,
Night had fallen,
Sadly finding I was lost,
Nowhere near home,
Or seeing that path once followed now gone.
Only the guide of the angels on the moon to light my way,
For that,
I keep walking on.

With luck,
I’ll find a way to get out.
If I get lucky enough that is.

Just if I was Alice,
That the illusions of my mind,
Would take over,
And let me see what I want to see,
Tricking me,
To make me smile that everything is going to be fine.

Oh the sweet dreams that would be,
If I cared enough,
To do so,
I would.

Oddly finding the quiet woods is wonderfully peaceful.

But delightful it can be,
As simple as a monster,
To destroy it,
That thing is born to do so.

But with a clear mind,
Marching on,
As little brother’s toy soldiers.

But that beast moves in gracefulness,
To that as stray cat strut,
As I keep moving through the woods.

It forever felt needlessly as a desperately heartless,
Way to dance with the devil.
What can one do?
But follow the dance to live.

For that demon know something,
And will blackmail one,
To understand that thin line of two worlds,
Will break,
And everything will fall apart.

Tears of an angel cry down from the moon,
Knowing and understand that very price.
Soaking everything misery,
But think nothing bad from it,
For it gives one chance to escape the monster’s prying eyes.
Even for only a little short time.

For even I know,
I never earned an angel.
My guardian angel would understand that in some form,
I’m not worth it.

Not even in pieces of the finest gold can prove it.

Maybe when older,
And again,
Blindly and foolishly,
I follow my mother’s footsteps,
My little girl will know better.

For that if she keeps a secret,
I can never keep her safe.
Oh-how the woods proven that so.

Deep down that,
Dark in my imagination,
I know it come and kill me.

And she’ll never be safe and sound.

For that if I’m gone,
She’ll become his.
She’ll become daddy’s little girl.

Please woods,
I want to go home.
Let the heavens kiss my eyes and lay to sleep,

If you want to fall in forever in that ring of fire,
Living with my sins,
I will.

The demonic being of the forest,
Finds me once more,
The words leave my mouth,
“I hate everything about you.”

That grin,
Jagged and sharp,
Activate my heart,
The deepest form of pure fear,
Soaring within,
Me like little birds.

Once wrong move,
Everything good,
I know will never return to me.

In silence whispers,
It speaks,
“I want your bite.”
Slowly with,
Each step to me,
With that grin forever plaster on its face.

Only means life,
If the angels didn’t want me,
Hell would,
It’s going to be me or some other poor soul.

Deep down,
Everyone has that side,
They choice not to see it,
For when you’re evil,
You wish to hide for you care of others.

But it’s pointless,
When you sing soft of life,
Everything that there is,
My songs know what you did in the dark,
It is the last thing,
To know before everything goes black,
And all is fin.

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