It had become a special day for two. Set on a family own cherry wood table by the bare wall of gray slate stone, set on a rusty rose painted steel tray.

Hand crafted glasses, the shafts formed small dancers, for the holding wanting to seduce the drinker to join them, matching the slowly settling red wine.

A linger taste it gave once before, when a night just light happen oh-so long ago. Freshly picked, from, the vines as if, yesterday.

The laughter and utter joys it gave, when having the perfect matching drinking alongside. Feeling, the endless, fields of those, berries, taking the pink face lusher into a world of fantasy.

The soot coated bottle lying by near the glasses, in case another wants to feel that magical world again. Along with, the cork, keeping, the aroma from, leaving and flatting the gout.

Faint and weathered down from the years, kept on high shelves, the label is almost unreadable and puzzling. But the memories for it are forever fresh in the mind.

Not far and incase of needing to open a new bottle, the thereon polish screw popper, shiny of a metal element, aged well in years. Just as the tray, passed down, thru, family.

Nearing for a light snack, small baked brown sugar crumpets stack upon one another, a fine, copper line china plate.

Washed to brightest white in who knows how long, dust once covered it.

A special day for two, is set ready, all is needed for those two to remember those times to enjoy it.

Still Life: Two Glass of Red Wine, a Bottle of Wine; a Corkscrew and a Plate of Biscuits on a Tray by Albert Anker

Made year is unknown

Location when painted; unknown

Albert Anker Still Life: Two Glass of Red Wine, a Bottle of Wine; a Corkscrew...


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