Issued 32

   “Well—err-first off for throws I know and to the ones don’t know I like to thank you for coming to see me. Alan said nervously while sitting in his wheel chair.

   We didn’t have a chose said Hurry who was sitting in the fort of the podium and was not happy he was missing his Saturday morning cartoon, “My flocks had force me to see you. Said you have something vary import you like to us, or is queen playground was just pulling our leg and wasting my time.” He’d said this while given a hard stair at Parkland who simply stared back at him.


   Yha, Alan, what is it you wanted to tell use?” Ana asks Alan while other mutters the same question toward him.

  “Well gee err—I don’t know where to start,” Alan start while trying to get his thought together.

   “I think I know what you want to tell us,” Tom said with confidents as he rose from his seat as stood in the middle of the ail, And you don’t need to worry, Alan we will keep up the fight Intel the cell phone monster no matter what. Is that right dad?

   “Oh boy,” Alan thought to himself for even thought he did not made eye contact with Tom’s farther, he Knew he was looking at him and was not please.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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