Issued 23

   “- Well, little one what do you to say to our fellow viewers.” The reporter said as he nail down nixes to a girl who was wearing a New York Liberty t shrt blue jeans and had her brown hair in pony tail which was suck out on her New York Yankees ball cap, the girl had took the microphone and from there the girl had taken over the whole coverage of the story.

   “Thank you, Holdem, “ the girl said with a smile, “ Howdy sports fans, Linda Copper given you the lasts scoop on what had corroder which lead to operation, busy single. A project that was made as a way to fight a very dangerous threat many children knows too well as the evil cell phone monster. Now I know what you’re saying, Linda, what’s this have to do with sports; nothing, but as a pound member of the Park Slope community it is my job to give you the low down as to what really happen which lead to the children of Park Slope to fighting back.”

   To both the new reporter and to the camera man surprise, Linda had walked away from them and proceeds to head outside the playground and walked down the sidewalk with both the reporter and the camera man following be hide her.

   “Au, Au,” Parkland laugh at how single handedly her cousin had taken over the whole story forms the news reporter, “now this is news.”

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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