Issued 22

   “-It all started here at this historical playground where a group of kids had organizes plain to ride the neighborhood of a make believe monster they believe was responsible for putting a young boy in the hospital. No soon as the boy who name is being with held did the ramose of a cell phone monster had started to surface some of the parents we talk to had no comment to this story yet the kids we talk to had plenty to say for most of their friends had been ground did for doing the same thing to their love ones in the name of protecting them.”-

   “Hum I bet,” Parkland said while shaking his head.

   “-This boy who is standing to my lift had told me world is at state.”

   “That right said a boy in which Parkland did not know or seen before around the neighborhood said while pulling on the reporter on so he can speak on the microphone. “ It was cool we all came together and agreed that cell phone are bad you are in a dangerous place and the cell phone monster want you try to hurt you while are close to something dangerous. And we decided to do whatever it takes to make sure this monster dose not hurt anyone. Man I never have so much fun in New Jersey. Most kids I know just want to play tag or cop and robbers, but this is better because we are making deference.”

   “But there is no search think as a cell phone monster. Its just made up.”

   “OOHH he real how else can you explain people getting hit by a car or getting into care cashes while on the phone?”

   “Well there are many reasons but the cell phone monster isn’t one of them.”

   The boy smile, “non believers one day you come round.”

   The new reporter could not help but smile at what the boy had said and as the mother call him over the boy had yelled, “don’t give up the fight,” before running off to her mother who took him by hand and was in deep conversation as they lift the park.

   “This is some of the very thing the police have to deal with for the nixe couple of day if unless the police”-

   The reporter had stop talking. And Parkland could see some small hands trying to grab hold of the reporter’s microphone.

   “-well it seem that this little lady had something to say to our viewer”

   “You got it, Holdem,” said an excited voice Parkland recognize all too well as being non other then Park Slope own sports caster Linda Copper.

   “Hum,” Parkland said with a bit of a smile for she knew that this interview was about to take a very interesting turn.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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