Issued 20

    “-Form what one kids we had had a talk too they are clamming they are tired of seeing their friends and love ones get hurt by this cell phone monster who they say only attack when some is in a aria where danger is close by,” said an officer on TV.”

    “Really,” said the reporter.

    “Yes,” the officer said looked just as bethel as the reporter was,”

    “Have this type of ever happen in this town.”

    “No never this is the first time I had ever heard of this thing and it scares me. These children are cursing great damage to other people property not to mention the danger they are putting them self in by being in contact with peoplethey do not know..

    “What do you have to say too all of the parents who are looking at this right now, and is no doubt is in shock by this report?”

    “Place talk to your kids about this. They may think they are doing the right thing but they are putting themselves in a very dangerous situation.

    “Thank you Hanson, Sam, back to you.”

 By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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