Issued 19

    “-Normally when you think about Park Slope you think of people walking their dogs and children playing outside, and people sitting on a park beach reading a good book. However now the this neighborhood is known for something else kids battle a make believe monster who’s hide inside a cell phones

    “Arrrrr, Parkland said angrily while pulling her hair not believing what she was watching on TV.

“-It all start this morning when a group of kids ages seven was trying to prevent people from using their cell phones by enter taking it away form them compactly inside the a small café two girls had poured water all over the phone as well as all over the food while telling the angry costumers how they was just trying to save them from the cell phone mother. Or how three young boys had tackle a man because they thought the cell phone monster was trying to get him to cross the street doing moving traffic. And while some people my found this funny others do not and want the neighborhood children to stop.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic Expression.c

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