Issued 12

     Do not enter. No little bratty brothers allowed. If you not my parents keep out. There is a reason I have my door close. These were some of the many sting Parkland Monskey have on her door to keep out her nose two brothers.

    Doing her home work on her disks while listing to so some music the Spanish dunker of Park slope was not sue if her history teacher had inserted the class to go over chapter five and six of world war two for home work. Not wasting time she decided to call her best friend Kristy, but to her surprise the phone was out of service. She then call the Kristy house phone and fro there she had gonna Kristy’s mom and ask if she could speak to her in regards to home work.

    To her surprise the mother seems to be a little relative to let her talk to her friend but minutes later Kristy finally had spoken on the phone.

    Hi, Parkland, I can’t stay on the phone long. I’m grounded.”

    “What! Why?”

    “They found out about Ron.”

“How, who told them?”

    “What did you want to know form our teacher,” Kristy ask Parkland for her mother was looking directly at her wonder if it was class work they was talking about or something else all together.

    “Did Ms. Pension use to doing any home on world war two for I do not remember her saying or writing anything down on the blackboard.”

    “She wants to go over the work in class before giving us any assignment, but no homework, not from her at less.”

    “Okay,” said Parkland.

   Kristy glades over at her mother only to see she was back inside the living room with her father.

    “Look, Parkland I really have t go we’ll talk more about what happen at school,” Kristy said in a low whisper.

   “Wait how did your folks found out about Ron? Is that the reason why your phone is disconnected?”

    There was a brief silent before said that made Parkland’s frown.’

    The cell phone monster that’s all I have to say, the cell phone monster.”

Kristy hung up in which Parkland stared hard at her Iphone not believing what she had just hard, “cell phone monster?”

  By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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