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    Inside the Hanley’s household a brother’s and her big sister was in a heated argument over why Danny had taken his sister cell phone was throw it in the kitchen sink . The argument had gotten so heated the both their mother and father had to get between order to stop their daughter doing something she might regret.

Mean while the daughter, Kristy, was screaming and crying about how her phone was taken by her brother who later throw it in the sink that was filled with dishes and dirty water. While the father was acting like at human wall the mother asks her son, Danny ask if indeed he had search a thing and when he nodded the mother then ask him why.

    “I was trying to save her from the cell phone monster,” he said this wildly while waving his hand in the air,”

    His looked at her son for moment before realize by the looked of her son’s face that he was dead serious.

“You lam brain!” Kristy said angrily while her father gives a hand jester to back up.

     “But it’s true,” said Danny insisted, she was cooking something and that when the cell phone monster call her.

    “I was heating up my food!” Kristy yelled at her brother was Kristy was on the phone while heating up her spaghetti with ground beef on the stove when her brother run in the kitchen yelling, “NOOOOOOOOO!” before he end up snatching the cell phone from her hand,

    “You was cooking while on the phone and that not good.”

    “Scene when?”

    “Scene now,” Danny replies. “Cooking and talking on the phone is dangerous and the Cell phone monster knows that. That’s why the monster calls you.”

    “Well for your information I wasn’t telling to and cell monster or whatever you made up in.

    “But it has to be the cell phone monster, said Danny while having his hand in the air, “Why else would you being saying ummm baby you’re so fined I glad you’re mine.”

    “That because I was talking to”-

    That when Kristy had stop short in what she was saying and look at both her mother and father stein faces for the both had made it clear that was not allowed to have a boyfriend and that the cell phone was to used in order to contact the family as well as her best friend, Parkland for home or when she is sleeping over in her house; nothing more.

    -“My friend—Yha—that it I was talking to a very special who happen to be staying with Parkland.”

    She gives a half hearted smile but when she saw her parents folded their arms and stared at her hard with throw angry eyes she lower her head and said in a very low whispered I’m so grounded.”

By Jockerlee77

2012 The Net

2012 Manic

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