When it comes to it,
without a mere inch of thought,
I’m an idiot.

I have no doubt,
that the choice that was made can,
only be described as poor.

Having only to have the one friend near me,
after the falsehood I done,
so please,
hand me,
a bottle of Jack.

Should I now call,
a bastard,
caught in a unwanted place,
as how the simple motion of masturbation?

lost to find,
the only truth may correct this,
imbalance in morality.

over the years,
I have yet to learn,
the one lesson to be learned,
and that is that nobody ever truly grows up . . .
they just master the art of acting adult.

And to anyone,
to I might have missed,
you now know I am just,
the biggest ***********.

Good day,

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