As a small little spark that came from this: LGBT Post, I wrote this on a whim, and so this poem is being told by three people: Outsider, Reasoning, and Staller. In a slight chance this could help while reading this. With that said, enjoy . . .



It could be pointless to say, but it be said anyway.




Simple as that, why?


Because it is what we lack, now you could say otherwise, that freedom has happen.


Okay, great, thanks for sharing that little bit, now answer a question for me.


Sure, what is it the question?


What has been free and what is still taking long to change?


Freedom for all!


Yes that is very true, thank you.


All is freedom and that is what everyone will get.


Why is taking so long for that to happen?


Taking long for whom?


Those who are cast aside from being different not from color of skin, what is believing in as a holy demon, is you pardon my French.


What is there left?


Who it is okay to love, that is beyond those follow mentions.


Freedom falls for all!


Laws mean nothing if all is happiness is really needed.


Take breath kid, you’re going to tucker yourself, there.


Okay, but I am watching you!


Oh piss off!


Hey, careful there, the kid is young, it’s how the youth is, with open eyes and lack of judgment.


What good that will do for that one.


At least that kid is trying to make a difference, as we just stand and bicker of what happiness lies in the world of freedom.


It is how things are, we can’t force change!


Force is something that is used as wall, when there are calmer ways to do something; it just falls under an altered law.


And what law is that?


The law that happiness has no law against for others have, even those who don’t what the past was law was meant for.


It could never happen . . .


Only because there are too many words of hate, disgust, and blind sightlessness block the change.


Going for change with something like that, could get someone kill.


And you should know, we are far passed that . . . and to that, open your eyes.


Even; if it gets a bullet in my chest?


Some of the best kind of people have, bullet or not.


I see . . .




Preach on, kid, someone got too.


The people I have to deal with.


That only want what you have, got it?


They are not to going to like this.


Has anyone like it when people think out the box built by those who thought it was wrong.


Love freedom, and freedom will bring love!

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