Around this time a year,
A grand meal is made for all,
To where we can only be thankful . . .
But what is there to speak of thy thanks?

There is the ability to keep pushing forward,
For when time becomes much to cold,
We end up pausing and missing out of future things to come.

To where even the smaller things,
Everything I see,
Feel and dream,
No matter if it’s good or bad,
For they all combine to make me who I am,
This also goes to you.

It’s then where we reach for friends and family,
To be by our sides,

Be that they made online or not,
Without them we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing right now,
Carrying us in that warm feeling,
That makes even the sun blush.

Not only are the matters of others we must hold dear,
But ourselves as well,
Thanking moments of many kinds to remind us,
We are forever alive.

For there might come a time,
Where being able to wake up,
More like a chore.

And we miss out on,
Every friend,
And experiences;
Good and bad throughout this life time.

Some of few places to find a handful of thanks,
Can be from,
A caring community of goodhearted folks.

We all just sit down and enjoy a cool drink,
Whatever it could be,
We just simply named it,

But life isn’t over,
When this day is,
Nor at the end of the year,
But we’re not just breathing.

Though some might get sidetrack,
When eyeing that fine baked bird,
Made for kings.

Many would never want to forget,
The simple things,
Are our minds.

There are our jobs,
Able to feed not just ourselves,
But those we care for.

Never letting the bigger man,
Bring us down,
We are stubborn lot.

Second chances are far apart,
But so are those we care for.

Laughter is something,
One person can’t keep themselves.

To be able to make someone,
Laugh for the pure enjoyment.

Beating of our hearts,
Sounding loud and proud,
Like drums.

Having surprises to,
Keep us on our toes.

Getting to know that our past,
Doesn’t control us,
But form us into what we are.

There is a cheer to imagination,
Keeping us,
From being bland and boring.

Humble to reach out.

Holding hands with family,
As we gives thanks,
For the now and later days.

For even the best,
Not being able to see the future,
And that’s the best part.

For there is also trust.

Holding hand in hand,
With our heads up high,
Taking everything at is known at us.

Knowing the seven ways of sins and virtues,
Guide us,
Blindly but,

You can’t help but be thankful,
And smile,
That there is.

To that, there is only one thing left to say,
Happy Thanksgiving,

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