Well Season 4 of My Little Pony has drawn to a close and now we are stuck waiting 7 Months for Season 5 as well as Rainbow Rocks, A Brony Tale, and Equestrian Academy to pop up. Instead of reviewing each episode of the season like I did for Season 3, I decided to list of my Top 5 Episodes from Season 4.




5. Rarity Takes Manehattan


This definitely was one of the better Rarity episodes for me. I liked the Genorousity song in it, it was nice to see more of Equestria outside of Canterlot & Equestria, and I think it was one of Rarity’s best episodes.



4. Pinkie Apple Pie


This was probably one of my favorite Apple Family episodes in the series. I really enjoyed Pinkie Pie and the Apples working off each other in the episode, plus the “Apples to the Core” was good, it had a pretty interesting premise, and It was a very fun episode Overall. Plus it was probably one of the better Pinkie episodes as well.



3. Pinkie Pride


They got Weird Al Yankovic to not only appear as a guest star on the show, but he sang as well…


The Episode was just AWESOME! I loved Weird Al’s character, I loved the songs, I loved the Face-off between Pinkie & Cheese, & I Really REALLY want him to come back in the series.



2. Twilight’s Kingdom


This was by far the best Season Finale of the show so far. It definitely was better than the S4 Opening. I liked Tirek as a villain, it was pretty cool to see the older princesses sing a song together, and it was interesting to see that Discord ended having the Final Key to the Box. Plus the fight scene was just Awesome. It probably will be a while until we get a season finale in the show that was just as great as this was.



1. Maud Pie


Ok, This was going to be completely obvious that this would be in the #1 spot for me. Afterall, When I reviewed I said it was my Favorite Episode of the Show so far. As I mention on my thoughts on the episode, I liked the character Maud, I thought it was funny, plus I fond it to be a bit relatable being an Older and Younger Sibling. Plus I can be a bit like Maud at times when my younger sister would show me off to her friends. I do hope she comes back in Season 5.

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