It was on a nightly even. Distance tones of a tuneless music played across the road. There a man sat in darkness, nothing but the moon as a candle for this cold Nox. Right away I know who it is and the noises are not new to me. Watching the bony thin man in tatter clothes doing what he thought was normal in his deep hollow eyes. Not knowing as he stared out in the land in front of him, that his love ones just worry of him. All without his knowing. The winds pick up once more. Forcing me inside and leaving a person I once called a friend and brother out in the winter’s cold, deadly hands. His tuneless notes fine their way into my home. Giving it life for the time being. Dark clouds start to cover the pale-milk moon, leaving the crazt man in the dark but the singing never dies. He keeps going up til the morning sun as rose. The day is at peace as the night before lay still in a tuneless, wordless, heartfelt song. And forever where that song of a man who was well love, may never that cold nightly sitouts.

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