How We Live

Criss and cross.
Up and down.
Side to side.
We learn the smallest things before we know it.
And its harsh on the brain, I’m sure it’s not to be.
Things just end up that way.
We learn before we’re born as even after death.
Left and right.
Yes and no.
Sit and stand.
They keep us in check of what we do and how it works out.
Keep in mind they don’t every have agood ending.
Heaven and hell.
Air and dirt.
Water and fire.
They keep us safe yet bring harm.
Smart and stupid.
Geek and Jock.
Goth and preppy.
Making us who we are.
Are we proud of it?
Who the hell knows?
Never sure what could happen.
Flip and flop.
Styles to keep us alive.
Revise and relook.
What ever it takes to make it to the next day.

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