There she was, over through that blue sea

Only in my eyes, I knew my heart stop

Love was just a fairy tail, until I reach the top

The top to your heart, over the blue sea

Baby, you were the best of all

Nothing broke my trance for you, I thought I was a fool

You’re a tiger, ready to pounce

On that single bounce, your claws of death held me tight

I lost all sight, and was only in fright of everything

I wrote a song, I only knew you could sing

When I stop to think, I was only at my brink

No drink, could keep me down

I could only frown, as I took a fall

For a moment, your were sweeter then apple pie

But now your only bitter, my oh my

I want to fly, into that big sky

But your chains keep me down, you took away my light

You were once an itch, but you became a bitch

When I stop to look back, it only make me crack

I laugh, at something not funny

I lost reason for something most, the one I thought of sweet honey

When I stop with a foot off the ground, I hear the sound of a squash bee

No, it was more then that

It was something better, something with fat

I only look ahead, as I left a trail of blood from your head

When I stop to think of you, I knew I should have not chose you

This is my farewell, from the unwell

You were just a bitch, who wanted a new pitch

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