In a world of lies, everyone it trick to believe in something

They say we can anything, but can we really give it are all

I was chosen because of birthright, I only knew I lost my family

I grew up alone, only teachers by my side

It hurt so bad, I cried till no more

I lock away myself from everything, till I decided to run away

I change my whole look, to the point no one knew who I was

I smiled at my freedom, but the thought of it ending seem so close

People tried to get close, but I never let them

Even when I thought I was alone, I had someone near me

It was the ones who got here in the first place, at first I was angry to I needed help

They lead me to where I wanted to go, to get that freedom seem so much closer

I learn to trust others, but I knew so little about them

I wonder why they wanted to help me, soon I find out why

I just wanted to cry, I have a found a new family

I find where I was needed, I bid my good-byes

They didn’t know what I was doing, it was too late when I jump

I hear them scream for me, but I turn a deaf ear

I have gotten my freedom, the only way I could

I jump off to my end, I only smiled when I met darkness

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